About Harisharan

Founded in 2004, Harisharan Marble and Granite Pvt Ltd has dedicated two decades to serving our clients with premium Rajasthan Marble and Granite. Our expertise in these stones is unparalleled, thanks to our Rajsamand, Rajasthan base—the heart of India's finest marble. This location houses our full-scale manufacturing facility, ensuring every product meets our high standards.

Our specialization in Rajasthan Marble and Granite is backed by deep insights into customer needs, refined over years of experience. At Harisharan, we pride ourselves on understanding and fulfilling these needs with precision, ensuring satisfaction with every slab crafted in our plant.

Our Marble & Granite Products

Welcome to our Product Gallery, we are here to help you with a variety of Rajasthan
marble and granite options.

Why Harisharan for
Rajasthan Marble & Granite

Rajasthan Marble & Granite is the most commonly used marble & granite in India,
Harisharan stands out for its quality, experience and competitive rates.


Highest Quality Products

At Harisharan our focus is to serve your floors with the best quality Rajasthan Marble and Granite Products.


Expertise in Manufacturing Process

We use the latest & cutting edge technology for cutting and polishing marble and granite.


Competitive Rates

We understand the importance of giving good rates to our customers, we do that by using production of scale and keeping great control on all aspects of the manufacturing process.


Our Valued Customers

We serve all types of customers from B2B to B2C, and we believe in making your floors look Great.

We support suppliers and traders, both locally and globally, by providing high-end Rajasthan marble and granite to meet their clients' needs.

We provide a diverse range of marble and granite, from finishes to colors, including large orders for big projects, ensuring quality and variety for builders and contractors.

We supply large orders of Rajasthan marble and granite for government projects, including metro stations, government buildings and more in short time periods.

We take pride in furnishing homeowners with high-quality, customized marble and granite, perfect for transforming their living spaces.

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