Installation of Marble Stone Flooring

Apr 21, 2017 |Rakesh Laddha

The installation of marble requires a smooth, flat, water-resistant base. It looks best if the tiles radiate outward from the center of the room, rather than starting abruptly from one of the walls.

Please go through the steps which are required to intall Marble Flooring

1. A base coat of cement concrete of about 1:8 16, 1:5:10 or 1:4:8 must be laid on compacted under every marble stone flooring.
2. Layout the marble stone slabs on the floor.
3. The RCC oron which the marble stones are laid should be cleaned thoroughly.
4. The ratio of cement mortar should be 1:3 and the average thickness of bedding mortar under marble stone slab should be 20 mm thick.
5. The sand that should be used in mortar must be coarse.
6. 12mm should be the minimum thickness of the bedding.
7. The top surface of mortar (bedding) should be leveled correctly by adding fresh mortar at hollows if any.
8. The mortar is then left to harden and the cement slurry shall be spread at the rate of 4.4kg per sq.meter.
9. Marble stone slab to be paved should then be lowered gently back in position and tapped with wooded mallet till it is properly bedded and leveled with adjoining slab.
10. Proper care should be taken to match the grains of slabs.
11. Every stone should be laid in the same manner.
12. The surplus cement laid cement should be cleaned aafter the laying of slab is done.
13. The surface of flooring as laid should be true to slopes.
14. The edges of slabs already paved are filled with white cement with or without admixture to match the shade of the stone slabs.
15. Let it settle and your marble flooring will be done.
16. Do not walk on the floor during this time, or you risk moving or depressing a tile.

The durability of the marble tiles is dependent upon the hardness and surface texture. The floor maintenance plan should be followed on regular basis through which the beauty of color marble flooring can be enhanced. It is also possible to increase the value of the property.