Marble v/s Granite

Marble v/s Granite

07 Aug 2018

Marble and Granite are two gifts of nature that are formed after solidification of volcanic magma. These products are quarried from nature as blocks and when manufactured and polished they reflect a very rich and elegant look on the floors. They have their own specialities and are almost similar in all aspects and so it's an either-or choice for these products we are generally confused about how to choose between these two so let's take a look on what should we use :


- Granite is generally referred as the toughest characteristic ledge material accessible and is known for opposing cracks and stains as well but in case a crack is already developed it could be repaired colourmatching epoxy by professionals. Like a rock, marble is extremely solid and impervious to harm. But still it is much more porous and will stain easier than granite and if damaged it could be repaired similar to granite.


- Granite is available in many different colours and has a higher amount of mineral composition that makes it attractive whereas marble is available in few colours but has more shades and some amazing veining on it that makes it attractive as well.


As far as price is concerned marble is a better option because it is available at a cheaper price than granite and is very similar to granite.


- Both marble and granite should be installed by professionals only as they are heavy, hard to install, requires skills, the making of figures also is very difficult..


- Marble and Granite both are used as countertops, tiles, floors, stairs and many other designed elements but marble is also used for architecture as available in any colour of choice.

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