Top 10 Rajasthan Granite Colours

Apr 18, 2024 |Rakesh Laddha

Rajasthan is famous not just for its rich culture and history but also for its beautiful granite. This special stone from Rajasthan is popular all over the world because of its quality, colors, and patterns.

Rajasthan granite comes in many colors like Black, White, Pink, Brown, and Grey, making it a favorite choice for buildings and homes. 

In this article, we'll talk about the different types of Rajasthan granite and share a price list to help you understand how much they might cost.

Whether you're planning to build a house, design a space, or just love stones, this guide will help you know more about Rajasthan granite prices. 

Let's discover the amazing variety of granite that comes from Rajasthan

Best Rajasthan Granite Colours:

Black Granite:

Black Granite from Rajasthan stands out as a timeless and elegant choice for both interior and exterior design projects. 

This granite is not just any stone; it's a statement piece that brings depth and sophistication to any space it adorns. 

The reason for its popularity is clear: black granite offers unmatched versatility and durability, making it ideal for countertops, flooring, and even exterior walls. Its dark hue adds a touch of class and luxury, effortlessly complementing a wide range of color schemes and design styles. 

Moreover, the natural strength and resistance to wear make black granite from Rajasthan a practical choice for areas that see a lot of use or harsh weather conditions.

It's the perfect blend of beauty and functionality, appealing to those looking to create spaces that are both stunning and lasting. 

Let’s now understand popular Rajasthan Granite Price List:

1.R Black Granite

R Black Granite


Rajasthan Black Granite, as the name suggests, is renowned for its captivating black surface adorned with unique blue dots, making it a standout choice in the realm of natural stones. Originating from the Rajsamand district of Rajasthan, this granite variety is celebrated across India's Northern Region for its distinctive appearance and robust quality. 

Features :

  • Deep black background enhanced with blue and black specks. 
  • Accents of small golden dots adding to its unique charm. 
  • Highly durable and suitable for various applications. 

Applications :

  • Ideal for creating striking kitchen countertops that command attention. 
  • Perfect for bathroom vanities, offering a touch of sophistication. 
  • Used in flooring and wall cladding to add depth and texture to spaces. 
  • Suitable for exterior applications, including facades and landscaping elements. 

Price Range : Rs 60-90 /Square feet


2. Malkot Black Granite :

Malkot Black Granite represents another exquisite variant of Rajasthan Black Granite, distinguished by its sophisticated appearance marked by brown and black dots. This particular granite is a testament to the natural beauty and diversity found in Rajasthan's stone landscape. Its unique color combination and pattern make it a more premium choice compared to its counterpart, R Black Granite. 

Features : 

  • Rich black base adorned with distinctive brown and black dots. 
  • Offers enhanced visual depth and complexity. 
  • Known for its durability and resistance to wear. 


  • Ideal for creating luxurious kitchen countertops that stand out. 
  • Perfect for bathroom vanities, adding an element of elegance. 
  • Suitable for high-end flooring and wall cladding, offering a unique aesthetic appeal. 
  • Exterior applications like facades and outdoor landscaping to elevate the overall design. 

Price Range: Rs 65-100 /Square feet


3. Kotda Black Granite:

Kotda Black Granite

Kotda Black Granite stands out in the realm of natural stones with its unique black surface characterized by intriguing bubble-like grey structures. This variety of granite, hailing from the vicinity of Devgarh, Rajasthan, offers an appealing aesthetic with its two distinct variations: one with grey bubbles and the other with light brown bubble-like forms. Both variations present subtle differences, yet each retains a fast-selling status due to their beauty and durability. 


  • Distinctive black background with captivating grey bubble-like patterns. 
  • Offers a unique visual texture and depth. 
  • Exceptionally durable, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. 
  • Lapatro Polish, enhancing its natural beauty.


  • Ideal for flooring and wall cladding
  • Suitable for exterior applications, including home facades and architectural structures, where its polished finish can truly shine.

Price Range: Rs 55-75 /Square feet 

4. Coin Black Granite:

Coin Black Granite

Coin Black Granite garners its unique name from the distinctive coin-like light grey structures that adorn its rich black surface, creating an evenly spread pattern reminiscent of scattered treasures. This striking visual feature imbues the granite with a sense of luxury and exclusivity, making it a prized choice for a variety of design projects. 


  • Features unique, coin-like light grey patterns on a deep black background. 
  • Offers a visually captivating and uniform appearance. 
  • Known for its durability and versatility in application. 


  • Ideal for standout countertops in kitchens and bathrooms. 
  • Perfect for flooring and wall cladding, adding a touch of elegance to any space. 
  • Suitable for exterior applications,for buildings and outdoor landscapes. 

Price Range: Rs 45-55 /Square feet

White Granite:

White Granite, mirroring the sophistication of its darker counterparts, stands out with its serene and elegant appearance. 
This natural stone is favored for its subtle beauty, featuring a spectrum of white shades, from snow-white to creamy ivory, often accented with mineral veins or speckles in various hues.
 Its ability to reflect light adds a bright, welcoming ambiance to any space, making it a popular choice for a range of design projects.

Let’s now understand popular Rajasthan Granite:

5. P White Granite:

P White Granite

P White Granite, also recognized as Pali White, embodies the pristine beauty of North India's granite reserves. Sourced primarily from the diverse terrains of Rajasthan, with the finest varieties hailing from the Pali district, this granite is celebrated for its elegant white backdrop adorned with black and grey flecks. The unique appearance of P White Granite is the result of its natural composition, which includes white feldspar, greyish quartz, and dark mica.


White base with black and grey flecks. 

Comprises white feldspar, greyish quartz, and dark mica.


Perfect for elegant countertops in kitchens and bathrooms.

Great for bright and airy flooring.

Price Range: Rs 55-75 /Square feet


6. S White Granite

S White Granite

S White Granite takes its name from its source in the quarries of Sirohi, Rajasthan. While it shares similarities with P White Granite, S White is distinguished by its smaller granules of black and grey, offering a more subtle texture. This granite is a cost-effective alternative to P White, making it a popular option for commercial projects on a larger scale. 


  • Features smaller black and grey granules on a white base. 
  • A cost-effective alternative with a subtle texture..


  • Ideal for large-scale commercial projects and buildings.
  • Good Application for exteriors. 

Price Range: Rs 40-50 /Square feet 

Other Granite Colours: 

Other Popular Rajasthan Granite colours, include Red, Pink, Gold and Brown colour. Which are used in different places depending on Individual characteristics. 

Let’s now understand these options:

7. Khaleda Red Granite:

Khaleda Red Granite

Khaleda Red Granite is a captivating choice for those drawn to the warmth and vibrancy of red granite. As suggested by its name, this variety boasts a striking red background, making it a favored alternative to more expensive red granite options.

It combines price competitiveness with a similar aesthetic to other red granites, offering a cost-effective solution for adding a splash of color to any space. 


  • Vibrant red background, offering an eye-catching appeal. 
  • More affordable than other high-end red granites like Lakha Red.


  • Perfect for exterior applications. 
  • Good Combination with other granite colours for flooring.

Price Range: Rs 80-100 /Square feet

8. Chima pink granite:

Chima pink granite

Cheema Pink Granite, a magnificent pink granite from Northwestern India, stands out with its shiny pink surface and superior quality. Known for its higher strength and durability, Chima Pink Granite leads the way in usability among various granite options. India, while famous for a spectrum of granite colors, sees pink granites, especially Chima Pink Granite, enjoying the largest share of popularity due to its vibrant patterns and textures. 


  • Shiny pink surface with attractive patterns and appealing texture.
  • Higher strength and durability compared to other granites.


  • Versatile in use, ideal for kitchen countertops, wall cladding, tabletops, vanity tops, flooring, and exterior applications.

Price Range: Rs 60-90 /Square feet 


9. Alaska Gold Granite:

Alaska Gold Granite, originating from India, is a premium stone celebrated for its captivating golden yellow background accented with elegant black veins. Regarded as the golden counterpart to Alaska White Granite, this variant stands out with its lustrous gold hues, complemented by the earthiness of brown and the sophistication of black. This attractive combination of warm and cool gold tones positions it as a unique type of beige granite, enhancing its appeal in various design contexts.


  • Golden yellow background with distinctive black veins.
  • Luxurious blend of warm gold and cool tones, offering a unique aesthetic. 


  • Perfect for creating statement countertops, flooring, and wall cladding.
  • Ideal for adding a touch of elegance to both interior and exterior spaces. 

Price Range: Rs 145-155 /Square feet

10. Daultgarh Brown Granite:

Daultgarh Brown Granite

Daultgarh Brown Granite, a distinguished natural stone, brings the warmth and richness of brown to life with its unique pattern. Quarried near the vibrant landscapes of Rajasthan, this granite comes in captivating shades of Coffee and Dark Red, offering versatility and depth to any design project.


  • Unique brown patterns in shades of Coffee and Dark Red. 
  • Offers both warmth and sophistication to interiors and exteriors. 


  • Perfect for creating elegant and durable countertops in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Ideal for flooring, wall cladding, and outdoor landscaping projects, adding a touch of nature's warmth. 

Price Range: Rs 60-80 /Square feet

Which Granite should you choose?

Choosing the right granite for your project depends on several factors including aesthetic preferences, application requirements, and budget.

Ultimately our goal was to provide you with a guide of top 10 Rajasthan granite options, now you can choose the best one that aligns with your personal taste, the specific needs of your project, and your budget. 

Each granite type offers its own unique charm and advantages, ensuring that there’s a perfect match for every design vision. 

If you still need help choosing the right colours, let’s talk with Harisharan and get your granite.