Types of Rajasthan White Marble

Apr 19, 2024 |Rakesh Laddha

Rajasthan, known as the Land of Kings, is not only famous for its rich history and colorful culture but also for its abundant natural resources, particularly its exquisite variety of marble. 

Among these, Rajasthan White Marble stands out as a symbol of luxury and beauty, contributing significantly to both local craftsmanship and the global marble industry. 

The history of marble mining in Rajasthan dates back to the time of the Rajputana kingdoms, where it was extensively used to build palaces, temples, and monuments that continue to enchant the world today. 

The journey of marble from the quarries of Rajasthan to becoming a pivotal part of architectural heritage sites is a testament to its enduring appeal.

This stone has not only shaped the aesthetic essence of places like Taj Mahal, the Dilwara Temples in Mount Abu and the stunning Lake Palace of Udaipur but has also been a material of choice for many sculptors and architects over the centuries. 

Rajasthan White Marble:

Rajasthan White Marble, cherished for its pristine beauty and impeccable quality, this marble has not only adorned the royal palaces of India but has also been a preferred choice in modern architecture and interior design globally.

Each type of white marble from this Rajasthan has its own story, characterized by unique patterns, textures, and durability, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. 

Harisharan is a leading marble manufacturer in Rajasthan, proudly presents an extensive array of Rajasthan White Marble. 

In this blog, we will explore the various types of White Marble offered by Harisharan and white marble price, delving into their unique characteristics, applications, and why they stand out in the realm of natural stones. 

Whether you are an architect, a designer, or a homeowner, understanding these varieties will help you make informed decisions for your next project. 

Let's explore White marble price in greater detail, including features.

1. Albeta White Marble (JK Marble)

Albeta White Marble (JK Marble)

Albeta Marble, originating from the renowned JK mines of Rajsamand, Rajasthan, is celebrated for its unique elegance and spectacular appearance. Characterized by a pristine white or light cream background, it features light to dark brown lines that create distinct, figurative patterns. These natural patterns resemble artistic figures, especially when laid as flooring, giving it a unique aesthetic appeal. This marble is widely cherished for its ability to bring a touch of sophistication to any space. 


  • Robust and durable, suitable for heavy use. 
  • Unique brown line patterns that create a figurative look. 
  • Smooth finish that adds a touch of sophistication. 


  • Ideal for internal flooring and staircases in residential and premium commercial buildings. 
  • Excellent for creating focal points in large halls and spaces. 
  • Popular choice for countertops in kitchens and bathrooms, adding luxury and style. 

Price Range: Rs. 100-400 per square foot. 

2. Morwad White Marble

Morwad White Marble

Morwad White Marble is a premium variety known for its ultra-fine grain and exceptional pure white color, providing an aura of luxury and class. Extracted from the exclusive quarries in Rajasthan, this marble is especially sought after for its brilliant whiteness and mirror-like polish. The pristine quality of Morwad White Marble makes it a symbol of sophistication and a favorite for high-end decor. 


  • Ultra-fine grain texture with a striking pure white color. 
  • Capable of achieving a high gloss polish that enhances its reflective qualities.
  • Exceptionally durable and resistant to wear, suitable for both interior and exterior applications. 


  • Ideal for creating luxurious flooring in residential homes, showrooms, and corporate buildings. 
  • Perfect for elegant wall panels and bathroom vanities that require a touch of sophistication. 
  • Frequently used in sculpture and other decorative elements where fine detail and pure colour are paramount. 

Price Range: Rs. 50-125 per square foot. 

3. Panda White Marble

Panda White Marble

Panda White Marble stands out with its dramatic visual contrast and bold aesthetics. This marble features a stark white background interspersed with bold black stripes and swirls that resemble the pattern of a panda's coat. The striking contrast between the black and white elements makes this marble an excellent choice for creating a statement piece in any setting. Its natural patterning ensures that no two slabs are exactly the same, adding a unique character to every installation. 


  • Striking black and white contrast for a dramatic look. 
  • Each slab offers a unique pattern, ensuring no two installations are alike. 
  • Highly durable and suitable for a variety of applications. 


  • Ideal for feature walls or accent pieces in both residential and commercial properties.
  • Perfect for countertops in kitchens and bathrooms where a bold, visual impact is desired. 
  • Flooring options for areas that demand attention, like lobbies or reception areas. 

Price Range: Rs. 150-300 per square foot. 

4. Ambaji White Marble

Ambaji White Marble

Extracted from the quarries of Ambaji in Gujarat, this marble, also known as Amba White, is celebrated for its plain white background with grey veins. 


  • Smooth finish with a unique vein pattern. 
  • Highly versatile for both interior and exterior applications. 
  • Sought after both domestically and internationally. 


  • Elegant flooring, especially in living rooms and lobbies. 
  • Wall facades and staircases. 
  • Decorative elements like sculptures and fountains. 

Price Range: Rs 50-100 per square foot. 

5. Nizarna White Marble

Nizarna White Marble

Nizarna Marble is renowned for its serene, unblemished appearance, offering a uniformly plain white canvas that exudes simplicity and elegance. This variety of marble, extracted from the Nizarna quarries in Rajasthan, is valued for its minimalistic beauty, making it a perfect backdrop for various architectural and design styles. Its consistent color and texture provide a sophisticated yet understated base that complements any interior decor. 


  • Plain white color with a smooth, consistent finish. 
  • Offers a minimalistic and elegant look. 
  • Highly durable, making it suitable for extensive usage. 


  • Ideal for flooring in both residential and commercial spaces that require a clean, continuous look. 
  • Perfect for wall cladding, providing a subtle yet refined backdrop. 
  • Commonly used for large surface areas like hallways and conference rooms to enhance spaciousness. 

Price Range: Rs. 50-70 per square foot. 

6. Jhanjhar White Marble

Jhanjhar White Marble

Known for its white to dull white background with distinctive black/grey cross patterns, Jhanjhar White Marble combines aesthetics with durability. 


  • Hard, durable stone. 
  • Unique cross-pattern design. 
  • Ideal for high-traffic areas. 


  • Flooring in commercial and residential spaces. 
  • Wall cladding for dramatic accents. 
  • Countertops in kitchens or bathrooms for a bold statement. 

Price Range: Rs. 45- 55 per square foot. 

7. Arna White Marble 

Arna White Marble

Image Here Arna White Marble is distinguished by its versatile white to greyish background, enriched with unique horizontal or vertical lines in shades of green, brown, blue, and grey. This variety of marble is extracted with care to maintain its vibrant streaks and rich texture, offering a distinct and artistic appearance that enhances any space it adorns. 


  • White to greyish background with colorful streaks. 
  • Lines of green, brown, blue, and grey add a unique artistic touch. 
  • Smooth finish with a visually striking appeal. 


  • Flooring in commercial and residential buildings. 
  • Wall cladding in interior spaces. Countertops and vanities in kitchens and bathrooms. 

Price Range: Rs. 25-50 per square foot. 

Which White Marble should you choose? 

Choosing the ideal Rajasthan White Marble for your project involves considering various factors such as aesthetic preferences, specific application requirements, and budget constraints. 

Throughout this guide, we've explored some of the top white marble varieties available from Harisharan Marble and Granite, each offering its unique charm and functional benefits. Whether you are drawn to the dramatic veining of Panda White Marble, the elegant simplicity of Nizarna White, or the luxurious purity of Morward White, there is a marble type that perfectly matches every design vision and practical necessity. 

If you're still unsure about which marble to choose or need more guidance to align your selection with your personal taste and project's demands, we are biggest marble suppliers in Rajasthan so don't hesitate to reach out to us at Harisharan Marble and Granite. 

Our experts are here to help you make the best choice and ensure that your space is transformed into a reflection of elegance and style. Let’s discuss your needs and find best white marble for your floors.