Panda White Marble

Panda White Marble, a premium marble from Rajasthan, is renowned globally for its sophisticated appeal.

Good Strength, White Marble with Black colour Line pattern
4 ft’ x 2 ft’ and above
Available in 18mm - 20mm/ based on order
Polished, and Unpolished.
Price : 100-400 / Square Feet

(minimum Order Quantity: 2000 Square Feet GST + 18% + Shipping Cost)

Product Details

White Panda Marble is an exquisite natural stone featuring a crisp white background with striking black and grey veining, resembling the pattern of a panda's fur. Quarried in Rajasthan, India this marble is celebrated for its bold, graphic patterns and is considered a piece of natural art. It's the perfect choice for creating stunning visual statements in both residential and commercial spaces.

Panda Marble showcases a dynamic contrast between its pristine white base and the dramatic dark veining that flows across the surface. This unique patterning makes it an excellent choice for focal points in interior design, such as accent walls, waterfall islands, and dramatic flooring.

White Panda Marble slabs are typically available in large sizes, making them ideal for seamless installations. It is commonly offered in thicknesses ranging from 18mm to 20mm, with both polished and honed finishes available to enhance the stone’s natural beauty.

Sourced from the rich quarries of Rajsamand, Rajasthan, Panda White Marble is formed from limestone subjected to high pressure and temperature, which transforms it into a dense, crystalline structure with unique veining.

Panda White Marble is particularly popular for a variety of applications due to its impactful appearance and versatility. But it is ideal for Home Interiors, Residential Flooring, Wall Cladding & Decorative Purposes.


Panda White Marble Flooring Applications

Given its visual appeal and functional qualities, Panda White Marble is a preferred material for:

Ideal for creating stunning kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, and statement flooring.

Widely used in hotel lobbies, corporate buildings, and luxury retail spaces to create a sophisticated and inviting atmosphere.

Perfect for staircases, columns, and fireplace surrounds that demand a striking visual element.


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