Our Process

Marble blocks are saw cut into slabs. Small marble blocks will be processed by simple disc saws to produce marble slabs. Medium and large marble blocks will be processed by gang saws and will be typically used to produce standard 2-cm thick one-side-polished marble slabs.Therefore, marble blocks produced during the early stage will often need to be treated with resin to ensure final product quality. Our marble slab production processes include saw cutting, drying or repairing or masking, curing, polishing and warehousing. The following images shows our marble slab processing process


Receipt of raw marble blocks from mines:

The raw marble blocks received from mines are unloaded in the gantry yard with the help of Gantry Cranes. These blocks are weighs in tonnes constitutes of metamorphic rocks.


Dressing of Marble Blocks:

As per the requirement of length and width of slab,decision being made. dressing machine operator dresses the marble block from all the sides for removal of natural defects and…


Block Reinforcement

After dressing of slab, there is a process that cut the rough Blocks into slabs in Gangsaw. to do this, it is reinforced with fibre glass net and a semi-solid reinforcement…


Sawing Process:

The dressed and reinforced blocks are shifted to the Gangsaw trolley as per the size of the Gangsaw machine. The block is fixed on the trolley with a wooden wedge and a mixture of…


Net-reinforcement of marble slabs:

Glass fibre net is applied on back face of the marble slabs to strengthen the slabs which are fragile and to enable safe handling and transportation. The glass fibre net is peeled…


Grinding Process & Resin Treatment:

Rough Grinding of Marble slab - After the 1st stage of epoxy filling the marble slabs are processed in the Grinding Machine and then these processed slabs are shifted to the RESIN…