Polished Marble Vs Unpolished Marble

Polished Marble Vs Unpolished Marble

16 Jul 2018

Marble and granite are among the best flooring options as they are durable, easy to maintain and has an elegant rich look. Marble and granite are natural stone and when installed correctly and polished it adds to the beauty of these products. Polished marble and granite help as it removes the dust from the top layer of marble and brings its natural bright color on the surface.

Marble comes in two forms: Polished Marble and Unpolished marble

Polished Characteristics

After the marble slab is cut, before it gets shipped to the installer, it ’s polished by an industrial grade machine. This polish almost gives like a glass shine. The installer uses a special glue to install marble and it’s wiped clean.

Pros of using polished marble:

Quick Installation of polished marble helps to save a lot of time and effort as there is the standard size of polished marble slabs that could be directly installed and gives the elegant look.

Overall cost reduction for better quality as traditionally unpolished marble slabs were installed after three stages of polishing. In the past polished marble was not easily available but with new technology of installation polished marble is available which has reduced the overall cost of the product.

In the past marble was installed and then polish was done later. Sometimes during the polishing process marble would crack. At that stage it’s hard (or probably not done) to replace the slab/tile when it cracks. Sealant is used to fill those cracks. With the latest technology, new marble and granite polish machines are manufacturing better quality of marble and granite. If there was any crack you just don’t install the cracked marble.

Cons of polished marble:

If the installer doesn’t have sufficient experience or the right tools they may damage the polish. You can always re polish marble, but that would increase the cost.

Marble is installed on stairs, on walls and these areas would be very hard to polish. Unpolished or poorly polished marble would reflect very bad on the interior of the house or office.

Special care has to be taken while transporting polish marble.

Polished marble is expensive then unpolished marble. But if you calculate the total cost, it’s cheaper to use polished marble. Apart from financial cost, the projects will complete faster.

If the marble installed on the floor has other color marble installed then it may make sense to use unpolished marble.

If marble is transported across long distance and transportation is not reliable it makes sense to use unpolished marble.

HariSharan has been in marble and granite business for over 15 years. We use Breton to polish marble and granite. Breton allows to polish 3m * 2m slabs for 13 mm to 30 mm which is up to your requirement. This is primarily used for export and bigger projects. We process and install polish and unpolished marble and granite. We process green, Arana, morwad and Rajasthan black granite. Please let me know if you have any questions on the polish or the quality polish for marble and granite.

At Harisharan we prefer the best among all and thus we have an Italian based polishing machine of Breton a 19 head machine that gives the best quality polished marble and granite which is supplied all over the country. Harisharan is not only using the best machines but also very professional by making sure whatever we serve is of the best grade. We believe to make the best out of everything so that we could serve the best to everyone.