khalda Red

Khaleda Red Granite

Khaleda Red Granite

Khaleda Red as the name suggests is a Red Granite, it’s popular due to its price competitiveness and similar look to other Red Granite options.

Red Granite
Small Dots
Slab Thickness: 15mm - 18mm
Slab Size: 5’ x 3’ and above
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(minimum Order Quantity: 2000 Square Feet GST 18%)

Product Details

Red Granite has been in demand since the past 20 years, historically it has been used a lot in exteriors of homes and buildings. Khaleda Red is one of the popular red granite options which gives a fair product at a good price. It is way more affordable than Lakha Red Granite, and possesses similar qualities. Those who are looking to buy Red Granite keeping a check on their budget, Khaleda Red is a no brainer choice.