Green Marble

Green Marble

Green marble is one of the most popular marble, as it is rare and beautiful in colour, which is exported all around the globe. As per a survey, India is one of the largest producers and exporters of Green marble

Green Marble
White Linings and Net Figure
Slab Thickness: 15mm - 25mm
Slab Size: 5’ x 3’ and above
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(minimum Order Quantity: 2000 Square Feet GST 18%)

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Green marble is found especially in Kesariyaji, Rajasthan, a town located 60 km away from Udaipur city, is one of the areas for mining and extraction of Green marbles. The marble found in this region has a deep green colour and beautiful veins, making it very appealing and versatile

Being the leading suppliers of Indian Green marble all around the country, let us guide you about why and where to use Green marble :-

Aesthetic - Green marble gives a very rich and elegant look to your housing or commercial project. It’s different from your standard white or off-white colours. Green is the colour of life, nature, and energy, and it brings the meaning of growth, harmony, and environment. Green marble also brings instant style into space as it comes up with a lot of beautiful veining patterns on it.

Strength - Green marble is a durable and long-lasting stone as it is scratch and heat-resistant. It does not require any additional cost for maintenance.

Shades - Green Marble comes in various shades which naturally arise as per the differences in regions and how old they are, the differences can be noticed in the base colour of the marble which vary from Dark to light, even veins can create a lot of difference as they vary from white to light green in colour. Green Marble typically comes in four different shades -

Forest Green

Ocean Green

Oasis Green

Jade Green

Polish - You can install Green marble with semi-polish and polish it after installation or you can choose to mirror Polish and technician install it. I think mirror polish will bring out the powerful Green colour.

Applicability - Green marble stone is versatile and has a wide number of uses as it can be used for flooring, stairs, & walls. It has amazing patterns on it, so it can also be used for kitchen countertops and can be matched well with other interior furniture. It also suits with a whitish look in the bathrooms.

Variety - As in other marbles, Green marble also comes in different shades. Some of the common ones are forest green, emerald dark Green marble, oasis green, ocean green, jade Green marble, etc. Pricing does vary for these shades.

Easy to maintain - Green marble comes with a dark shade of colour and thus it is a lot easier to maintain than white marble. The darker shade is correctly suited for everyday use, where normal stains and scratches would be visible.

We at Harisharan Marble and Granite provide a wide range of options to our customers and thus we have all the different colours of marble and granite. Green marble is one of the most preferred marbles and is one of the seller's ranges in our offerings. We offer an installation service that brings the best out in the natural design that’s formed. If you have any questions on Green marble or any other marble/granite, please contact us on phone at +91 98292 97156.